Where is Re-Commissioning suitable? 

One of the most urgent challenges for our common energy future continues to be the search for suitable “tools” to execute energy conservation potentials in order to reach energy policy goals (EU 2020). The level of success is far from satisfactory as the continuous increase in final energy consumption in most European Union member countries reveals.

Re-Co, or Re- (Retro-) Commissioning (Re-Co), is a systematic approach to examine existing building equipment systems, their operation and maintenance procedures and interactions with building occupants. In order to achieve intended performance specifications, improvement measures are developed, implemented and follow up through controlling and quality assurance instruments. Of particular importance is an interdisciplinary perspective:
Besides technical issues, economic, financial, organizational and legal aspects are investigated and accounted for.

Re-Co typically is applied to existing building technologies like HVAC, controls, electrical or compressed air systems. In principles, Re-Co  can be implemented with in-house personnel or outsourced to external consultants or a project specific mixture of both.


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