D3.3 Final Re-Co pilot project process scheeme

Recommended Re-Co Project Process

This deliverable shows an example approach for Re-Co, defines a process, gives practical re-commendations for the tasks in the buildings and provides examples of action.

These are the five steps of Re-Co Services for your building:

  1. Objectives: The Re-Co Services Consultant creates a rough overview of the owners building stock and works out the individual strategic objectives for the building owner and corresponding success indicators.
  2. Investigation: The Re-Co Services Consultant investigates the building stock, identifies high potentials and defines specific measures of improvement and a plan for their implementation.
  3. Implementation: The measures are being implemented. All cost and timelines are documented. At this point building operations are actually starting to improve!
  4. Evaluation: The evaluation shows the individual cost effectiveness of each measure and the amortization of the whole Re-Co Service. You will be surprised how fast you can save money and improve your building!
  5. Continuity: Re-Co Services are intended to come and stay! The metering concept and the success indicators are great tools to continuously monitor the performance of your buildings, to maintain the savings and to even identify further measures of improvement.

    Please download the final Re-Co pilot project process scheeme here.


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